Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trying to rhyme

I imagine you 
and I think of a poem
I think of words for you
Real words describing a fantasy
How ironic can it be? 

Am far from someone I feel so close to
Am close to a distant painful feeling of loneliness and yet I dream
I see poppies and lilies
I see the sun and the rainbow
It's the rain I never get to experience..........

I get a dry throat thinking of you
I am not thirsty, though
Not any more............

I have seen the river
I live in a desert now
A desert so vast, so open and so clean
I can clearly see all around
I have no company.............

Am not expecting anyone either
Its just me and my imagination
Its you, in my imagination..........

You bid good bye for real
My poems lost their rhyme.

27th November 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ask me why am I happy?

Am happy as I know what keeps me happy; as I know what happiness to me is.
I am aware of my limits of happiness; my contentment is my fervour to be happy

I don’t go looking for happiness, and hence I don’t fear loosing it
Some days when I cant seem to find a reason to happy, am not upset
As I cant find a reason to be unhappy either

I don’t race against time, thought or feelings, as I know happiness has its pace
I have found that happiness finds time, place and reason. But only if you are ready to invite it

I am happy as I can think; and question myself
I am happy as I can ask myself; of my desires, my longing
I am happy as I can control. I am happy as I know I can still be happy, without many things.

I don’t measure happiness. I never compare happiness.
I hear as much I have to; I speak only when asked.

I get happy seeing others happy.
Am happy as I am happy being this way.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Alone, but not lonely

Though we haven’t spoken much about it
But enough has happened to prove what’s between us
Neither of us has acknowledged it yet
But we don’t deny the feeling brewing within 

It isn’t that our paths have not crossed
Yes, we have avoided each other for long
Day light does make it easy to keep my eyes wide open
I still dream of the one last meeting, every night

Its been a while I have been upset with someone
Even longer since I have been spoken to, by someone
Though I don’t remember when we last met
But the moment you walked away has stayed with me
I am alone, but am not lonely

3rd November 2012