Friday, November 16, 2012

Ask me why am I happy?

Am happy as I know what keeps me happy; as I know what happiness to me is.
I am aware of my limits of happiness; my contentment is my fervour to be happy

I don’t go looking for happiness, and hence I don’t fear loosing it
Some days when I cant seem to find a reason to happy, am not upset
As I cant find a reason to be unhappy either

I don’t race against time, thought or feelings, as I know happiness has its pace
I have found that happiness finds time, place and reason. But only if you are ready to invite it

I am happy as I can think; and question myself
I am happy as I can ask myself; of my desires, my longing
I am happy as I can control. I am happy as I know I can still be happy, without many things.

I don’t measure happiness. I never compare happiness.
I hear as much I have to; I speak only when asked.

I get happy seeing others happy.
Am happy as I am happy being this way.

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