Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trying to rhyme

I imagine you 
and I think of a poem
I think of words for you
Real words describing a fantasy
How ironic can it be? 

Am far from someone I feel so close to
Am close to a distant painful feeling of loneliness and yet I dream
I see poppies and lilies
I see the sun and the rainbow
It's the rain I never get to experience..........

I get a dry throat thinking of you
I am not thirsty, though
Not any more............

I have seen the river
I live in a desert now
A desert so vast, so open and so clean
I can clearly see all around
I have no company.............

Am not expecting anyone either
Its just me and my imagination
Its you, in my imagination..........

You bid good bye for real
My poems lost their rhyme.

27th November 2012

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