Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Un-addressed Letter

That letter I wrote,
But never could post.
That moment of clenched fist,
In a moment, life was lost.
In the first few lines
I wasn’t sure
In all truth, I say
You would had to endure
As I could not make myself to confess
As also the fear of your no or a yes?
I knew though, once
My feelings are known to you
You will understand
Why I was drawn to you.
You were the one who made me realize
The difference between the setting sun & sun rise!
By the end of the letter
I had only repeated myself a million times
My desperation was getting crazy
There were no reasons, no rhymes.
All I wanted to know, is that you know
And smile back, as I loved you so.
May a rains have passed by now
Your address has rubbed off the envelope
But on some winter nights, I still
Imagine, hoping against hope.
I thank, Almighty; for keeping it sane
My sweet memories, sweeter, they remain.
12th February 2014
(sometime in 1995)

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