Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fame A to Z

I believe I am talented. Infact, my talent lies in criticizing and commenting on other ‘talented’ people. Don’t I sound like one of the reality show judges?

From where I see it, most of the reality shows on TV channels are basically ‘talent shows’ in disguise. Some of them clearly say it. Some of them paint a picture of ‘nurturing’ talent and then making them ‘ready for the world’. Be it singing, dancing, performing artists - which include both singing and dancing (most of the times simultaneously), acting….the list is endless. And I am sure there hundreds of people who can do all the above, most of the times simultaneously! In one of the many reality shows I have been following, a singer who was scored out by the judges’ panel and then voted out by TV spectators actually came back by virtue of some rule planted by the concept creators and finally made it to the top three! In one of the reality couples’ dance competition show I saw the lady opting out of the competition as her husband was hospitalized and then dancing on a song, crying! That’s sure needs talent. In a bizarre ‘real’ incident, in one of the reality shows one of the contestants fell to the floor, almost unconscious, over a coffee cup fiasco! That’s close to genius, actually!!

But I really love these reality shows on TV. They not only encourage aspirations, they truly inspire. I mean, you see the contestants singing and you say to yourself, “God, if they can make it, I will breeze past everyone”. The feeling inside is the same in dance contests too, although you may not know the difference between Tango and Twist. As the show takes it journey from day one to the last five, you see the contestants performing and your self confidence grows leaps and bounds and you actually visualize yourself on stage marching ahead and matching steps with the hottest celebrities - who are available on that day. Most of them are (erstwhile) celebrities who are out of jobs and have nothing but the reality show as the high point of their current career status. But who cares. There was a day, when they were rock stars. Now, they only want to believe in one quote, history repeats itself. In effect, there is hardly any difference between the contestants and their celebrities. One set of people want to become stars. The other set wants to become stars, once again.

As far as the contestants are concerned, they practice hard on their weaknesses. People who are good at singing and dancing, practice acting (read crying). People, who are good at crying, practice crying to the best camera angle. And people, who have mastered the art of singing, dancing and crying from all angles, become judges. The impact is amazing. There is showbiz, drama, comedy, action, tragedy and finally a climax. On the final day there is a grand ceremony with the winner taking loads of applauds, loads of money and loads of future assignments.

On the same TV channel, starts yet another reality show which promises to bring the most talented citizen and make her/him a star and you find yet another reason to admire yourself endlessly. That’s how I end my day, everyday. My ten seconds to fame, infront of the mirror, admiring my ‘talented’ self.

I respect talent. But the only problem with talent is everyone believes s/he is talented. The biggest difference, perhaps, between talent and genius is that talent can be emulated. But genius is unbelievable. India may have another Rahul but there will be no other Sachin. Neither in cricket, or in music.

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