Tuesday, November 21, 2006

known facts, unknown reasons

Parents and ‘friends’ are two sets of people we cannot compare. Infact, we always believed, they cannot be compared at all. One set of people was our nemesis of sorts, holding us from doing each and everything we liked. Be it eating chocolates, wearing red socks, eating with our hands, the time we took to bathe (depending whether you were a boy or a girl) and so much so, how we sleep! We were old enough to reach school on our own with friends, but they would insist dropping us and picking us up. How immature of them, right? When we were younger, the only good thing we could see about our parents was, how much ever they cribbed, they finally gave up and did whatever we asked for. They ironed our already ironed clothes, bought us (un)necessary items whenever we asked, coming home past mid night was allowed for a 11 o’clock deadline. Of course, keeping awake all night when we were ill or at times when we were out of the house for a late night party was their duty. They were our parents after all! So, all that sentimental stuff does not count.

And, the other set of magical, like-minded and intelligent people who understood you so well. These two sets of people never shared anything in common. Hence, we never shared anything either. When we were happy we never shared our happiness with parents. We just took money from them and spent it on the other set. And when we were sad, no one other than a ‘friend’ could have understood you better! How can a father or a mother tell you how to handle failure in an entrance exam? How will they be able to explain how to handle heartbreak? What do they know about love? I mean, c’mon, they will never be able to tell us the difference between a degree and a diploma. But our ‘best friends’ can. So what, that they were our age and have seen only as much as you have on the planet. They knew everything in the world. In short, they were our world.

We have moved out of our hometowns and cities and working in bigger cities. Most of us are getting paid more than what our parent’s last salary was when they retired!! Many of our parents would not have dared to ask how much do we earn, till date. They are fully content with their efforts of making us what we are today. Each parent is proud of each one of us. In return, we are taking care of our parents too. Are we? Well, we are sending them some money every month for their general upkeep. We call them once or twice, sometimes thrice a week and ask about their wellbeing. Oh and yes, we do make a visit every six months during festive season. We share some real good moments with them. This is the time we (can) actually take care of them. But sadly, we still are in the trap of the ‘monetary pleasures of life give maximum happiness’ syndrome.

But have we ever asked them about the frown on their face every time they trying standing on their feet from a chair, the satisfaction they get watching the growing sapling they planted in the lawn, the pain they feel when they feed your pet late because you guys are visiting. The same pet that you grew up with but you kicked hard because it came too close to your kid. The frown on their face is not the pain on the knee, but looking for a hand to hold them stand. The satisfaction watching the sapling grow is the same they saw you growing. The pain feeding the pet is because when you left home for greener pastures, this animal became their son / daughter.

Sometimes, you are unknown to reasons of known facts.

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