Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Love...

The two things I love the most in life are TV and biwi (including mine)!! Okay, no kidding. Of course I meant my wife. And that’s because she lets me watch TV in peace. C’mon, now don’t start thinking that’s the only reason I love my wife. There are enough and more reasons.

But my write-up is on my watching TV. I shall try hard not to deviate from the topic.

Clearly my focus is not on the history of television. But a little bit of ‘googling’ and I was amazed at my finding. As I said, I love watching TV but I could never think beyond the TV screen. Whatever appeared on the screen mesmerized and took me to a world of fantasy and ‘virtual contentment’. My wife has named my chair as the ‘tortoise’s parking lot’. But for the information of who ever makes it to reading my (master)piece, it is believed that the person who got the idea of an electronic television for the first time in his brain was merely 14 yrs when he did so!! His name is Philo Taylor Farnsworth, born August 19, 1906, in Indian Springs, Utah. Infact, he had a working device by the time he was 21!! Although, all his life he had to keep fighting over the patent rights over his invention, he was a genius.

Arc lights back to the ‘parking lot’. I shall refrain from using any animal species, as I too am afraid of Maneka Gandhi. If big movie production houses and celebrated movie directors can be issued legal notices for shooting with horses and dogs, I shall be making a heinous crime of comparing myself to a harmless, the slowest and the most laziest of beings on earth. I am not Ian Thorpe who can afford to ‘hang his trunks’ (I was tempted to use undies) at 24 and still see life sailing like his fabulous swimming strokes. I can’t fight law suits at this point in life.

What makes anyone hooked to TV? I mean, your eye vision is affected, you tend to gain weight couching, you waste more than half of your time in front of TVs switching channels, hence, very few things register as ‘learning’ from watching TV. I am sure, in one of the most unknown universities of US, one of the weirdest academic or research scholars of European origin is undertaking a study in the developing countries of Asia on many more vices of watching TV. So, what exactly makes one sit for hours watching TV? If I ask myself why do I love TV, what would I answer? Well, I love sports, so I watch the sports channel; I want to keep myself updated about happenings of the world so I watch the news channels. Oh, just like everyone, deep down inside I want to become a superstar and so I watch the reality shows.

Does an earthquake in Indonesia shake my office chair? Does Sachin pay me a royalty out of the prize money for the 100th man of the match award he won three years ago that he received whose highlights I saw for the first time, yesterday? And not only do I get duped by watching the ‘arranged’ reality shows, but I also spend money by sending SMSs to make someone else the superstar!

But I still love watching TV. That is why I love my wife, the most. She loves me watching TV. She knows she has married the most static, inert, idiotic and laziest creature on earth and still she loves me. (She hates TV)

22nd Nov 2006