Saturday, December 06, 2014


Opened my old almirah,
To find something misplaced.
Was not sure if I would find it there
Searching for a while, suddenly
Found a neatly folded paper,
Tucked under an old blanket.
Since my mind was playing hide-n-seek,
With that misplaced object, I ignored this paper.
Finally, I gave up and closed the almirah.
Walking back, I saw a crumpled paper on the table,
Which reminded me of that folded paper in the almirah.
I went back, opened the chest and took out that blanket.
And I was surprised when not one, but two paper pieces fell off the folds.

One was a multi-fold paper piece.
I could make out some impressions on one side.
Had something written inside which tempted me instantly,
To open and read it, when I noticed,
The other was a clean old yellowish single paper fold,
Which turned out to be an envelope,
That had no address.
I unfolded the written piece.
And was shocked by the hand writing,
It was mine!
A little unsure now, I opened the piece fully.
Read the whole letter in one single breath.
Without any feeling, I tore the paper length;
And I tore the envelope too.

I closed the almirah,
Crumpled the torn letter and envelope;
Picked the already crumpled paper on the table,
And threw all of it together in the bin.
I sat down on the table and reminisced.
Those moments, days and nights.
I smiled and unknowingly shook my head,
With no address, how could I post the letter?
But with no address, why did I have an envelope in hand?
And even though I had an envelope,

I never put the letter inside the envelope?

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