Saturday, December 06, 2014

Dreams arrive.

Dreams arrive.
Slips on eye lid slopes;
Wildly, sometimes.
Sometimes soft like a feather.
And you wonder.

Dreams arrive.
Becomes real in a jiffy.
You are surprised!
And question yourself;
Is this the dream I wanted so badly?

Dreams arrive.
In hurried steps, unheard.
Goes a distance and shouts back at you.
You run and catch hold of it.
Only for it to vanish;
Merging with the morning sun rays.

Dreams arrive.
You want to share them with the one;
Who really owns it.
Whispering, cuddled up together.
It is like a dream come true in itself.

Dreams arrive.
Just like life.
At the right place, at the wrong time.
Uncatchable, dissolving as fog.
In the dark night.

Dreams arrive.
Opens new horizons;
With your eyes wide shut.
Dreams vandalizes the turn of time;

To re-build hopes.

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