Saturday, December 06, 2014

Folds on your forehead

Your smile would make me alive;
Smoothen the creases of my worries.
Deep and dark crevices of my being;
Would open up for you by just your being with me.
You could reach where no one else had,
You would touch me where I never existed, yet.
Your voice would warm my heart in cold nights
Your touch would heal my ruining self.
With intervals of time rivers dry up.
Leaves fall off in summers even on windless days.
It is nature of life to blossom and wear off in seasons.
You and I fell into one such trap and departed.
I kept flowing like a dry rivulet waiting for monsoons;
You flew away to presence of a new season.
I have survived, living on memories;
Of bounty & over flowing streams of love.
Today, standing with you, looking at you;
Am unable to watch you this way.
Let me swim across these waves that line your forehead.
These folds which have suddenly swallowed you.
I see you. But I miss your face that is my need.

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