Saturday, December 06, 2014

We met after years.

We always wanted to meet
Greet each other in the same old tone,
Hurling careless, loving curses.
With soft whispers of naughty remembrances.
Alas, the pathetic push & pull of life;
Dust winds of new wants and desires,
Sent that old group photograph,
Back into the backyard;
Full of old trunks and hold-all.

We met after years.
We knew where the old wretched keys are,
It took a while, though
To unlock the unattended, rusted, beaten lock.

Some could recollect faces, but had no name;
Some didn’t even remember names!
But one small mention,
And the same face became a giant screen!
Images and pictures slid by in a jiffy,
Like an old eastman-color movie trailer.

It was a short time, together
But time was well lived.
We shared, smiled and shouted
Laughed, sighed and whispered.
At the end of the evening,
We stood for a moment,
And made a promise, again.
To try to keep the lights on
Of our backyard;
To keep wiping off dust,

From that old group photograph.

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