Saturday, December 06, 2014

You Choke Me

Looking at you,
My own existence chokes me.
I cannot breathe, anymore. 
I desire you, like a roaring river
In a wild, stormy night,
Rushing to meet its end.
Unwrap­ping myself,
To be closer.
To get to you, to be in you.
Your presence is my ocean;
Embracing and taking me in.
Deeper, I need to go.
I slide and float,
Dive and settle.
Your touch are my waves.
Pushing me aside; pulling me within,
Rolling me slightly; brushing me roughly, sometimes.
Pinning me down, to nothing.
The melody of togetherness,
With fingers playing the music of love;
Without words.
But reverberating with intense meanings.
The foot bridge over the river,
Shaking and trembling,
Crossed, many a times,
Without looking at night or day;
Bodies ris­ing and heaving.
Sur­facing, glis­ten­ing, to finally drown
As there isn’t an inch that is left to hold

I am all in you and you in me.

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