Saturday, December 06, 2014

Friendly Strangers

I could tell by his looks
He was not himself.
There was something he was not comfortable with.
I felt bad for him
More for the reason
That I could not do anything to help him.
He was feeling miserable
That I knew things about him.
Perhaps, I should not have.

Sometimes, it’s best to remain strangers.
Knowing pain, may ruin it all.

She had come up to me
To share her grievance
My fault was,
I had only asked, “what is wrong”?
She did tell me all.
And I listened.
Now, she is avoiding me;
I am not sure, if her issues are a problem, anymore.
Perhaps, I know she is in a problem, is the problem.

Sometimes, it’s best to be friendly.
Becoming a friend, may ruin it all.

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