Saturday, December 06, 2014

Are we there yet?

I suddenly feel depressed.
You feel happiness all around;
In just a moment.
But, there has to be a reason,
To get that lump in my throat.
Or have moist eyes.
To feel agony or intimate
To feel lost or purposely lose.
Feel sheer joy or blue.
Alas, I get so busy with the feeling
Of sadness or celebration!
Arguing to convince why I am right, always;
I don’t remember why all this started? And when I do,
I don’t know how to step it up or step back?
I forget why all exists, at all.

We need to understand, that
All want to be happy.
And all we want is someone;
Who needs us.

To be at the place,
Where you and I can breathe;.
We don’t need words
We just need sense.
To touch and embrace.
To see and know.
To taste and serve.
To listen and nod.
To say and not hurt.

Are we there yet?

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