Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hide and Seek

Like a wanderer, I travel through the day.
With an unknown living, getting to know life.
I rest at nights, watching the stars.
Playing hide and seek; celebrating darkness.
I wake up to the sun. Get relief in shadows.
When breeze passes by, perspiration cools me down.

I am a wanderer. I know not of any destination.
Roads lead me ahead, turns disappear behind me.
The leafless tree stands tall; perhaps that’s a milestone
A landmark for travellers, to find their way back.
There was a well too. Did hear it never dries.
It knows there will be days,
When thirst gulps emotion and hunger swallows aspiration.

My eyes keeps walking, my steps follow.
My heart sings, I hum along.
My fingers point at the horizon;
My mind picks directions.
I never know what lies ahead;
I know I will reach a place that I have never been.
I know I will have a view I have never seen.
I will walk on days.
I will rest at nights.
At dusk, I will prepare for the next game
Of hide and seek.

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