Saturday, December 06, 2014

There are people.....

There are people
And there are things they do
Some of them make you love them
And there are some things about them
Which you do not like at all.

So, you can love someone
And yet not like them.

There are people
Whom you hate
But there are things that they do
Which are charming
And you cannot resist but love.

So, you can hate someone
And yet not love them.

There are people
And then there are some more
Some become company
Some just form a crowd
You do not define them at all.

So, you can have people
And yet not have any one beside you.

There are people
Who trust others more than self
Many people call them stupid
These are the same people who betray the ones who do
And confirm their stupidity

So, you can remain stupid
And yet be happy.

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