Saturday, December 06, 2014

Racing breaths

There are days that whiz past, in moments
It’s a sprint, really.
Many a times, with hurdles on the track
Day begins, you make a run;
Catch the road as per plan,
Reach a place, destined for you.
Conquer your need, rush out, again,
Racy breaths, gasping, you continue
Pull, push, pounce and punch.
Try as may, you will;
Never be able to pass the baton,
Life is never a relay.
There are nights that you remember, forever
It’s a sprint, though.
Evening leaves suddenly,
Dropping a sparkling shadow in your arms,
The moon becomes your witness.
A slow, shy welcome;
Hesitating, inviting smile,
Twinkling eyes;
Worth a million shining stars in the sky.
Racing breaths, shivering fingers.
You start believing in dreams;
And in prayers.
You want the night to never end.
You need it to run a little longer.
Alas, the baton is passed.
Day rushes in to break open the sky;
Life is always a relay.

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